Not only do we offer our specialist house and commercial removal services here in the UK, but we are also here and happy to help you make your big move across the water to Europe. As if it isn’t stressful enough moving in your own country, moving abroad brings it’s own hurdles to overcome. Moving abroad brings more things you need you to think about, which is why our expertise is perfect to help you so you can concentrate on the other 101 things you need to be thinking about.

Surrey removals can help you move abroad and take out the worry or such a big step in your life. Our dedicated  and fully qualified team will work alongside you to plan the moving process so that you can relax and know that things will go smoothly on your moving day. Surrey removals are experts at removals and we know all the in and outs of European removals such as the regulations, restrictions, taxes and the roads so when it comes to moving your belongings such a distance, we don’t take any risks.

Our fully equipped and well looked after removal vehicles are perfect to go the extra mile and ensure that all of your belongings arrive at your new home abroad just as they were before. We know that the further your belongings travel, the more chance there is of accidents happening and your belongings getting damaged, which is why we are the company for you as we take extra care of your things wherever you may be moving to.

If you want to find out more information about the overseas services we provide and to find out where in Europe we help our customers move to, give us a call on